Teacher noticed a student’s exemplary talent and make a huge surprise for him…

A music teacher was able to recognize and develop the talent of one of her students at Wilmette Elementary School in McKinney, Texas.
Stacey was so moved by Alijah’s story that she filmed a video of Alijah playing the bucket drum and uploaded it to her Facebook page.

The community responded amazingly, with some wanting to donate unused drums and other musical items to the boy, and in less than a week, Stacey had everything she needed to sharpen Alija’s skills. So when Stacey decided to reveal the surprise he had in store for her, her priceless reaction was captured on video for her to share on social media.

He continued by saying to the talented boy. “One thing I’ve noticed about you is not only that you’re very talented, but you’re also very kind,” he continued. “Every time I see you in the hall, you have a smile on your face. You are very humble and I was very impressed by that as much as your talent.”