Ed surprises fan singing his song at the Mall!!!

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran sings karaoke with an unsuspecting teenager at the mall, and it’s such a sweet sight to witness. We know this is a moment this young lady will never forget.

This English artist rose to fame with hit songs such as “Thinking Out Loud” and “Photograph”. Her unique voice and powerful lyrics combine to create the most beautiful songs. Over the years, he has also garnered a huge fan following around the world.

Ed is known for connecting with his fans on a personal level. For example, he appeared at a couple’s wedding to play one of his songs for their first dance. On other occasions, Ed visited hospitals to perform for sick children.

Today, he surprises a teenage girl with his karaoke duet of “Thinking Out Loud.” Ed was walking through the mall when he heard the lyrics to his song over the loudspeaker.