81-Year-Old stuns the Nursing Home with his Impromptu Performance Of ‘Unchained Melody’!!!

When 81-year-old Dave Williams took the microphone to sing at a nursing home, no one expected him to belt out a proper tune, but the 81-year-old stunned everyone with a perfect rendition of “Unchained Melody.” Righteous brothers.

Everyone present was in awe of the vocal abilities of a man who had sung with the Beatles several times. He said. “When I got up, my daughter was begging to sit with me,” Dave admitted. “But I’m glad I didn’t.”

You see, Dave used to play with a band called The Dices, and in 1958 they were performing with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. By the age of 17, Dave was going solo and singing at weekends in a small club for £3 a night.