Absolutely awesome! The Best Street Piano Performance EVER!!!

Brendan Cavanagh is one of the best pianists in England these days. People become his fans shortly after watching his performances. Every piano enthusiast is now looking to learn about its history.

And of course they will know about him because he has a very inspiring and questionable life story. Thousands of people have been impacted by her story and are doing well in their lives.

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Brendan Cavanagh is a contemporary British pianist and piano mentor of Irish descent. He is also known as “Dr. K”, because he has a doctorate in philosophy.

He is widely known in England and overseas for his amazing piano melodies. Brendan specializes in the boogie-woogie genre.

He is a regular piano player who mostly targets open crowded places like stations and airports.

In addition to boogie-woogie, he also plays genres such as classical music, rock and roll, blues, jazz and traditional Irish music.