Lost Voice Guy has the audience ROARING with a very unique comedy routine!!!

Winning a national competition is always going to be a game-changer for an up-and-coming talent, and it was no different for Lee Ridley, the Lost Voice Guy, following his glorious win on Britain’s Got Talent 2018. He will likely have enough material from the events that have happened in his life since appearing on that ITV show to keep him on the comedy tour for years.

There are many other stories. For example, I’m regularly called “Out of the X Factor” on the street. Obviously I have a great singing voice. People always seem to get my name wrong. The main reason I chose a stage name was to make myself stand out from the crowd of all the other new comedians out there.

But you’d be surprised at the many variations of that name that I’ve been called, from “The Boy Without a Voice” to “The Man with the Out of Place Voice” to “The Boy Without a Voice.”