Beluga Whales can’t stop smiling after being released from 10 years in captivity…

Animals are at their best when left in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, it is painful to see animals that spend their lives in captivity. A similar thing happened to two beluga whales recently.

The whales spent almost 10 years in captivity in a Chinese aquarium. Of course, the poor souls had to do tricks instead of some fish. But unfortunately, the two Beluga whales had never spent their lives in the wild.

It wasn’t easy for experts at the Sea Life Trust to transport two female whales almost halfway across the planet. First, they were placed in specially designed sling bags. Bags were then made to protect their bodies.

Experts and veterinarians stayed with the two fish throughout the trip. They wanted to ensure the two belugas could survive in the open sea before being moved to the wider Kletsvik Bay sanctuary in the Westman Islands. Instead, the two belugas were happy to taste freedom after nearly a decade.