Missing deaf dog reunites with family after nearly 11 months apart…

“I am feeling—trying not to cry. I’m really overwhelmed. I think it’s nothing short of a miracle. Milagro,” says Marisa Martinez.

Rufus ran away a month after moving into their new home. Months later, he was still nowhere to be found, but his mother hoped they would be reunited.

That day has finally arrived. Marissa is especially worried because Rufus is deaf. And a deaf dog lost on the street is not a good combination. They didn’t know Rufus was deaf at first, but eventually realized his condition when he didn’t respond to loud noises.

And even though it’s been months since she first disappeared. Because of their love for Rufus, they never really gave up hope that one day they would be reunited. After all, it could be someone else’s pet, which in this case was Marisa’s pet.