Elephant melts over 11 million hearts with an amazing way of interacting with a little girl…

The way the elephant gets down to his level by the end captured my heart. What a beautiful company. The little girl in this video doesn’t need to guess or wonder. He knows first hand.

More than 11.4 million people have watched this beautiful video.
The video shows a child happily playing with an elephant. It didn’t matter that the animal was 10 times his size.

The girl gives the elephant bananas and other food, and the elephant accepts it with love. One of the followers shared that he also saw in the video how the elephant patiently waits for the child to give food.

Because they are self-aware beings, they recognize their power and use it appropriately when interacting with people. The habit of gently petting individuals with their trunks is a way for them to communicate with others.