Adorable Baby Girl Has A Princess Tea Party With Her Wolves…

We all know your dog is the center of your universe, but in a few months he won’t be the only center of your universe.

To prepare them, start adjusting their routines accordingly. This could include more quiet time and less play, keeping your dog out of your bedroom or your future child’s room, or taking a different route when you go for a walk.

Think about as many lifestyle changes as possible after your baby is born and get your dog used to them beforehand, which will minimize stress when your new baby comes home.
Just like you use fireworks sounds to get your pooch ready for the real fireworks, play baby crying sounds so your dog can get used to hearing them. Start with a low volume and gradually increase it over a few weeks.

Set up your baby’s bed early so your dog can get used to it before the birth. The same applies to the safety gates and the trolley.

Dogs are sensitive to smell; If you start using talcum powder and similar products early, the smells won’t be so new and mysterious to your dog when the baby arrives.