The best Christmas gift ever!!! Santa came a week early to bring them a new puppy…

Who can’t resist waking up your kids or special someone to a new puppy on Christmas morning? They look so sweet and it’s such an exciting time to surprise someone with a warm, cuddly puppy! But after a few weeks, you might end up with dog chaos instead. According to Google, the clear trend for searches for “dog training” and “puppy training” nearly doubles in the two days following Christmas.

Think of it this way. can you go from crib to high school? No way! Not only will this create a lifelong bond, but it will also give you the control, guidance, and routine that your dog craves.

Once your new puppy is home, figuring out where to put the crate will depend on what’s best for you, as well as their reaction. Give them time to acclimate to their new surroundings and people.