Husky and a two-year-old girl create the most adorable racket together

Two-year-old Everlee and her Husky, Dude, are an inseparable duo that loves creating the loudest racket. One beautiful day they were relaxing outdoors on a wooden table.

They were in a trailer park and surrounded by trees. Thick clouds hung above them, the sunlight scattering onto the bright blue sky. It wasn’t long before their raucous concert began.

Dude was a massive Husky lying down on the wooden table, and Everlee wasn’t sitting far from him. She was in a pink outfit and had a pacifier in her mouth.

Everlee was joyfully shouting and was loud even with something in her mouth. Dude was following her lead and showed off his mighty voice. He sounded like a person that was screaming.

The two of them are a bonded pair. Ever since Everlee was born, Dude never left her side. Due to epilepsy, Everlee’s speech has been delayed, and it was Dude who taught her how to cause a racket.

It was tough to tell if they were competing for who could be louder or working together to create music. As Everlee got more excited, she removed her pacifier and placed it on the table.

Everlee was kicking her legs and continued letting her voice be heard. Dude took a short break before joining her with his signature howls. They let everyone know how happy they were.