Singing donkey loves to serenade his mom with his beautiful voice

Monte is a 28-year-old donkey who loves to serenade his mom, Pinky Ruggles, with his one-of-a-kind voice. He was a shy animal before he was adopted by Pinky.

Apparently, Monte had been at the rescue for ten years. No one wanted him because he was older and didn’t like to snuggle like other younger donkeys.

When Pinky saw Monte, she knew there was something special about him and took him home immediately. On the third day in his new home, Monte started to sing as no other donkey could.

Pinky was utterly shocked by what she heard, and Monte’s expression revealed he was just as surprised. He has a special bray like an opera singer, while other donkeys can only “hee-haw.”

Now whenever Monte wants treats or food, he will simply wait in front of the door and sing for Pinky. Sometimes he won’t sing too loud, so the other horses won’t know he has food.

In his new home, he even found his horse best friend, Ace. Monte does share Ace with another horse named Jack, who also loves playing with Ace. They have a triangle and a typical sibling rivalry.

Pinky adores how goofy Monte is, and it is hard for her to believe he is 28 years old. She says that she loves him.