Dad and daughter turn pickup truck cab into a concert venue

Dads and daughters often have hobbies and pastimes that don’t overlap. It’s too bad because a shared activity can be a great opportunity for a parent and child to spend time together and bond. But here we have a dad and daughter who both like to sing and as you’ll see, they can turn the cab of a pickup truck into a concert venue.

Kris Jones has always loved to sing but finding the time has been elusive. “I wanted to sing for a really, really long time. When I was younger, I sang in the church. I always wanted to sing, but just never really got the right opportunities to do so. So then I got a job. And I had kids, and I went to work. And that’s what I’ve been doing.” But then YouTube came along. One day when they were out shopping, his daughter Dayla clandestinely recorded him singing David Allen Coe’s “Tennessee Whiskey” in the cab of the family pickup. That video went viral, turning dad and daughter into internet superstars.

Kris and Dayla have posted another pickup truck video, this time of Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” Urban is a New-Zealand-born Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer who specializes in country and country rock / pop. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” is a ballad of heartbreak featuring vivid imagery. Coincidentally, Urban is a coach on the Australian version of “The Voice” as well as a judge on “American Idol.”

The interesting thing is that Kris once tried out for NBC’s talent competition “The Voice” and was rejected! Now that Kris has tens of millions of views on YouTube and is starting to get the recognition he deserves, it’s looking like the joke was on the peacock.

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