A Shy 14-year-old girl came on stage, and paralysed the judges with this classic of Cher

If you watch the talent detection programs on TV you probably know that it takes someone really special to impress the judges. The performane you’re about to see did much more than just impress the judges. It brought them to tears!

The singer made the judges? A 14-year-old girl named Jasmine Alcock. When she went up on stage, the audience or the judges didn’t seem to be expecting too much. Jasmine was so small, how good she can already be?

Well, as soon as she began to sing, you could watch the audience and the judges were hypnotized and quite shocked. We too – the girl’s voice is crazy!

One of the judges, Alesha Dixon, was so excited from the performance of Jasmine that she confessed that she never got so emotionally like that during the program.