Dad Puts Baby On Guitar For Naptime Routine In Adorable Video

Country singer Cody Comer is winning hearts of social media users after a cute video of him putting his baby on his guitar for naptime became viral.

Talented musician, Cody, was handed his daughter by is wife, when it was time for her nap, and that is when he used a unique method to lull the baby to sleep.

The clip shows Cody placing the baby girl across the top of his guitar as he begins to strum and sings a soft melody, the tiny baby is off to be in a minute.

Cody has shared on his Facebook that he uses this tactic to put her to sleep every time. In fact this video was viewed more than 35 million times.

God has blessed us with our children so that we can love and take care of them, God bless this sweet father and daughter duo.