She’s 94 but she feels 15. Here’s her secret

Surprise viral sensation, 94-year-old Flossie Lewis, returned to share more of her insights on life. This time around, she meets her former students at their old school to debate Bob Dylan’s worthiness.

In 2016, the 91-year-old Flossie appeared on a PBS documentary called Brief but Spectacular, where she shared her opinion about growing old. ‘Growing old is a state of mind. Now, I am 91, badly crippled, and I still think I am 15.’

This opening line was seen by over 7 million people worldwide. Many of her old students wrote comments online, and some of them were genuinely moving. This, in turn, inspired the director of the documentary to reunite the students with their beloved old teacher.

Flossie shared some of the trying times she endured when coming of age. Growing up in Brooklyn during the world war and the role of women in society was challenging to say the least. Teaching was one of the jobs women could do, and it allowed them to have a voice in the community.

It becomes apparent in this video that Flossie used her role to not only educate but also inspire. Numerous students showed up to meet their idol at the Lowell High School in the bay area, where she used to teach.

Flossie prepared a class where the students debated whether Bob Dylan was worthy of winning the Nobel prize for literature. The students were intrigued by her philosophies and her way of welcoming free debate.

The class also shared moving testimonials of how Flossie influenced their lives. Flossie’s teaching went far beyond the classroom, from helping a student deal with depression to inspiring architecture.

Flossie’s intriguing life serves as a true testimony of how one person’s positive influence could influence others for the greater good.