Beautiful senior woman creates younger version of herself with makeup

Christopher Hopkins has been a beauty and style influencer for decades. His mother, Joanna Hopkins, has worked as a personal shopper and style consultant for many years. This video details her makeup routine in easy-to-follow steps.

Joanna starts with a full coverage foundation all over her face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. To add dimension to the face, she uses bronzer along the cheekbones and temples.

The final step of the foundation is adding a blush to the cheeks to increase the warmth in the final look. She also applies a sheer highlighter to lift the face and create a dewy effect.

A bright lip liner is crucial to Joanna’s final look, and she seals the liner with powder to ensure it does not smudge during the day. She adds a shiny gloss to blend the liner into her natural lip.

The brows are essential for framing the face in the completed look. Joanna uses a neutral brown powder to follow the natural arch of her brow and fill in spots that may have thinned out with age.

Joanna uses a few different shades of purple eyeshadow to make her eye color pop and blends them all using a sponge. The shadow reaches from the lid up to the brow bone. She also blends it out toward the temple for a more dramatic look. She finishes the look with classic black mascara and a cat-eye eyeliner.

The final look is polished and professional. The makeup techniques used truly make her look years younger. Small touches like a light blush and highlighter accentuate her natural features and produce a beautiful final result.