For this guy, being overweight is not a hindrance; he dances very incendiary.

Bravo! What a fine fellow! Just goosebumps ran when he started to move! I am still impressed by what I saw. Many of us are used to seeing fit and slender people on the dance floor. There is also such a stereotype in society that “lush” people in the dance are very clumsy. But this man literally broke all stereotypes. Looking at him, to call fat people clumsy even the tongue does not turn. This imposing man is called Aoniken Quiroga. It deserves to be called

Dance genius. He can easily spin his partner in an incendiary dance. Can’t believe it? Then see for yourself. Take a look at his dance. The pair of Aoniken were slender dancer Alejandra Mantignan. So the couple has been dancing for many years and conquers audiences around the world with their dance numbers. The audience always meets and sees them off with a storm of applause. If you used to be sure that being overweight is a hindrance to dancing, then after what you see, you will think completely differently.

Aoniken’s movements are simply amazing. The couple moves in the dance very harmoniously. Those who saw them dancing at first took the couple skeptically. However, they quickly changed their minds. Even after a few years, this dance will not leave anyone indifferent. The music is just amazing. And the dancers would like to wish further creative success. Dancing fosters composure and organization. All study in schools, lyceums, universities, work. And you can’t afford to relax.