Japanese pop music sensation performs “Party Up Like Crazy” on AGT

‘America’s Got Talent’ knows how to entertain TV viewers with incredible acts. From singing to dancing and even acrobatics, this show has it all. The fantastic music group ‘Travis Japan’ ups the ante for their live show performance.

The Japanese group performs their original song,’ Party Up Like Crazy.’ They are competing for the ultimate 1 million dollar prize for the judging panel of Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell.

The stage starts red and dark as the seven band members appear wearing glittery cloaks. They line up in a formation and then back away to reveal a single man who jumps to the front of the stage.

He jumps, and they all run to the sides while he stands still. They continue to slowly move around him, then the music starts, and it’s a pop-style upbeat song. They all take their cloaks off, revealing silver glitter suits.

‘Travis Japan’ snaps and jumps around while dancing. Howie hits the red ‘X,’ and the other judges are shocked. Sofia covers her head, laughing because the singing isn’t the greatest, but the dancing is impressive.

They have a dance break, and lights flash everywhere while they swing their legs and rotate their arms in different directions, but they’re perfectly in sync. They sing the last chorus and dance, even singing harmonized parts. They end with a pose, pointing at the judges while the crowd cheers.

The J-pop group impressed the judges and live audience with their synchronized moves and distinct personalities. The seven-member unit was formed in 2012 under the supervision of American choreographer Travis Payne. The crowd loved them, and they delivered a great show on ‘AGT.’