Inspiring family teaches their baby to communicate using American Sign Language

One of the trickiest parts about raising a child is not being able to bridge communication when they are infants. Because of that, many families have turned to sign language as an alternative.

Whether you want to provide enrichment for your little one or improve communication, sign language seems like a promising option. Many studies have shown that children can use and understand sign language long before they vocalize.

When Courtney and Zach Lotane decided to teach their daughter, Madison, American Sign Language, they had an additional reason in mind. Zach was deaf, and while he could read lips, ASL gave him and his daughter another way to connect.

Zach became quite emotional when asked what sign language did for him and his daughter. “I love being able to communicate with her, to watch her facial expressions and see her sign,” signed Zach. “I feel connected.”

Courtney loved watching Madison communicate with her husband. One of her favorite memories was when Madison and Zach were outside beneath a tree, and Zach lifted her up, signing the word for “tree.”

Like many parents who teach their children sign language, Zach and Courtney were impressed by how much Madison already knows. “Even though she can’t speak yet, she’s able to communicate,” said Zach. “It’s amazing.”

Above all, Zach and Courtney hope that Madison’s introduction to American Sign Language will create a foundation for her life moving forward. “I want her to be able to connect with different types of people and also to accept herself,” said Zach.