Woman serenades an audience of whales with her violin

Around the world, music is an excellent way to connect with other humans. But humans are not the only ones who like listening to music. Many animals also seem fascinated by melodies.

Some people play music for their animals to help the little ones relax. And some people have even had other animals like deer and cows stop to listen to them sing or play.

But this violinist decided to take her music out into the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. And when she started to play, a unique audience surfaced from the water: whales.

As some commenters pointed out, it makes sense that these whales would have stopped to listen. While the violin reaches higher registers than most whale songs, it sounds similar to how whales communicate.

Whether they understood the violinist or no, the whales seemed to feel a connection to her song. One whale floated on the surface of the water throughout her entire performance.

We cannot know with certainty what these whales thought of her performance. Regardless of whether she communicated with them or the whales appreciated the music, the scene was just as beautiful.

Watch this woman serenade her marine audience with her violin. If you were looking for a reason to take up this difficult instrument, you could not ask for a better excuse than communicating with whales.