18-yr-old granddaughter joins 81-yr-old grandpa for ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

A grandfather and his granddaughter perform a lovely duet of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’ Brooke Falls is 18 years old, and Frank Nardone is her awesome grandpa, a happy 81-year-old senior. 

Brooke is a phenomenal singer, and Frank is an excellent ukulele player. Both of them are seated in front of a white door for their performance. Before they begin, Brooke holds a sign that says 18 on it.

She then hands it over to her grandpa, who flips the sign over, showing 81 instead. It’s a simple but effective way to show off their beautiful ages.

Using the profound power of music, the two generations bond. Frank is wearing a slick black hat and begins to play the ukulele. As he strums, Brooke joins in with her heavenly voice.

Frank must be so proud of his amazing granddaughter. The two of them make a fantastic duet. Brooke smiles as she sings. Her angelic vocals fill the air along with the peaceful sound of the ukulele.

Brooke’s grandpa is definitely a seasoned musician. He continues to perform with a serious and focused expression. Frank doesn’t miss a single note during the performance. Music talent must run in their family.

They end the song with a bit of flair. Brooke belts out the song’s final notes while Frank strums the ukulele strings as fast as possible.