Just 1 second and the judges turned. This girl blew everyone away. Bravo.

Now we will show you an amazing number that took place on the famous musical TV show “Voice of Children”. A little girl named Danelia Tuleshova took the stage and with her amazing voice made the judges turn around just 1 second after the start of the performance! Goosebumps! Bravo. There are two hosts of the program: one leads the program on stage, the other helps the young participants to tune in before the performance. Dmitry Nagiyev remains the main host of the program all seasons, and his co-host in

The first season was Natalia Vodianova. In the second season, Anastasia Chevazhevskaya, who is already familiar to viewers from the Voice show, became the co-host: in its first season, she was Dima Bilan’s ward and was remembered for performing when she was in the last months of pregnancy. In the third season, Nagiyev’s co-host was Valeria Lanskaya, in the fourth – Svetlana Zeynalova, in the fifth – Agata Muceniece, and in the sixth – Aglaya Shilovskaya. In the seventh and eighth seasons, Agata Muceniece again became the co-host, so

Thus, becoming the first co-host to work more than one season in the project. The composition of the mentors of the first two seasons of “Voice. Children ”consisted of a trio of famous Russian musicians: Dima Bilan – Russian singer, winner of the international Eurovision Song Contest 2008, mentor of the Voice project. Pelageya is a folk-rock singer, founder and soloist of the Pelageya group, mentor of the Voice project. Maxim Fadeev is a Russian music producer and composer. In the third season, Dima Bilan and Pelageya remained in the project, and Maxim Fadeev left him.