Andrea Bocelli brings his ‘extremely shy’ 18-year-old son, Matteo onstage and magic happens

Matteo Bocelli is the son of the famous Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Enrica Cenzatti. He first hit the spotlight when he duetted with his father on “Fall On Me,” a theme song to Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.”

Ever since, the charming Matteo had gone on to forge a cult following, with hundreds of people looking forward to his first album. Yet, two years earlier, he had to be persuaded on Celebrity Fight Night to perform a song.

Celebrity Fight Night is a charity show that originated in Phoenix, Arizona, where celebrities use their star power to drive donations. The show came to life through Jimmy Walker and has generated several contributions.

Andrea and Veronica opened a sister event for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, seeing the need for a charity show. Once, they moved the show to Lajitico, where Andrea grew up.

It was at Lajatico Matteo Bocelli was asked to perform a ballad. In attendance were Zucchero, Nicholas Cage, and Queen Rania of Jordan. David Foster, the famous classic producer, produced the show.

During that night, at Lajatico, David had an idea. He told the crowd if Andrea would like his son, Matteo, to perform a song. Andrea replied to David and said, “Matteo, you have two minutes to think about performing or not.”

Matteo agreed to sing. But before he did, his father put a caveat. Andrea wanted Matteo to sing without a microphone. Being very shy, Matteo found it a challenge, but he soon overcame it and sang to the delights of the audience.