Street Musician Stunned When Passerby Joins Her for Duet

It’s something out of a coming of age movie; you’re singing on the side of the street when someone comes up and joins you, only making the performance that much better. One woman got to experience this firsthand, and you have to hear what happened.

Allie Sherlock was performing a cover of Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” on Dublin’s Grafton Street. Her voice is beautiful, soothing, and pure on its own; she definitely doesn’t need anyone to sing with her.

As she continues to sing the popular love song, a man passes her and surprises her by walking up to the microphone. When he opens his mouth, he starts singing along in Italian. His voice is sweet and is the perfect fit for a duet.

Allie joins him for the last chorus, and people on Grafton Street get one heck of a show. It makes us wonder if the two ever met up after the performance, or if they stayed wholesome strangers. Whatever the case is, we’re glad this moment was filmed for us to see.