Brother and sister performed a beautiful duet in the kitchen

While there is a lot of content on YouTube, one of the best things about it is that anyone can download it. When it started, YouTube was a place where people could upload their own home videos to share with the rest of the world. While it’s still the same place, bigger companies have gotten into it now as well. In other words, major film and TV studios also upload their own content there, so we can rent movies there and watch clips from our favorite shows. Obviously, the same can be said about professional musicians.

However, there is a real allure in finding amateur or lesser-known artists who are making a name for themselves online. The performers in today’s video are just one perfect example of this. The channel is called Nathan and Eva, and it consists of Nathan and Eva Leach. They are a brother and sister duo from Charleston, South Carolina. While the duo are posting all sorts of performance videos on YouTube, they are also listing their various social media handles there, hoping that their videos will get a lot of exposure. While they only have about 87,000 subscribers on

their channel, they have grown steadily and have essentially grown on the platform. But some of their videos have been successful. Perhaps the best example of this is the view they uploaded in March 2013. The brother and sister sit in the kitchen and say they are going to sing the folk song The Hero, which was hugely popular on the radio for a while. After a quick count, Nathan begins to play the guitar and sing the opening lines. Although the two are definitely young, it is clear that they are talented and that they share some chemistry in their performances.