Policeman cries when his beloved students surprise him with gifts

Officer Watkins and two students, Whitney and Dani, from Byron Nelson High School, received an unbelievable surprise from their friends and family during a pep rally.

Watkins is the School Resource Officer at Byron Nelson High School. He is loved by everyone because he always goes above and beyond his duties. His favorite part of the job is being a counselor and a mentor.

Whitney and Dani are sisters who bring joy and light into everyone’s lives. They always greet people they meet and go out of their way to get to know all the students.

Everyone agrees that Whitney and Dani are two of the most bubbly people they have ever met. Byron Nelson High School is a better place because of Watkins, Whitney, and Dani.

To show their thanks, they made a scrapbook for Officer Watkins with photos of him with students. Several students also put together a video that shows people saying kind and loving words.

Officer Watkins has been working at the school for four years. He became emotional when he started watching the video. Whitney and Dani didn’t expect it either.

There were loud cheers for the three honored people during the pep rally. None of them could believe the kindness and love that were given to them on that day.