Judges Give Standing Ovation After Voices of Our City Choir Performs Chilling “Stand by Me” Cover

During the quarter-finals on America’s Got Talent, the contestants are given the opportunity to design a set, create a show-stopping performance, and provide the judges with a reason to send them through to the next round. 

Voices of Our City Choir started their performance with just four members dressed in blue on stage. Their set looked as if the gifted singers were standing amongst the galaxies with twinkling lights all around them.

Singing the classic song from Ben E. King, Voices of Our City Choir gave all they got for their rendition of “Stand by Me.” When it came time for the chorus, the stage illuminated just enough to see the rest of the talented choir behind the four singers.

Their flawless harmonies and hauntingly beautiful voices gave the song an emotional twist that no one expected. Hits like “Stand by Me” remind us that community and fellowship are more important now than ever before.