This woman made crazy dances on the dance floor. Watch the video.

You will never forget a bewitching dance performed by a lady with chic forms! This video confirms that the presence of extra pounds is not an obstacle to emancipation and the ability to attract people’s attention. Each wedding is a very important and expected event not only for a couple of newlyweds, but also for invited guests. Everyone begins preparations long before this holiday, because many things must be at an ideal level. This day is really very important, because it will

A turning point for the young in their lives. For the bride and groom, a completely different time begins, independent and dependent on both of them. Also on this holiday, a lot depends on the guests, it is their mood and behavior that will determine the atmosphere and mood of this solemn holiday. But it often happens that the wedding does not take place without certain excesses. Their reasons can be anything: someone’s bad mood, an unsuccessful competition from the presenter, or maybe someone just caught

The courage of the holiday and went over a little with alcohol. There are a large number of videos on the Internet that are dedicated to such moments. Today we also want to show the dance of one incredible woman who blew up the dance floor. It will not only cheer you up, but also prove that age is just numbers. And real youth lives inside! Dance can express your inner feeling, which cannot be expressed in words. The viewer, sitting in the hall, involuntarily begins to participate in the story depicted on the stage on his face, you can see a smile or tears.