Step back in time with a virtual tour of the TV home from ‘The Waltons’

‘The Waltons’ was an American historical drama TV series about a family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression and World War II. It was created by Earl Hamner Jr., based on his 1961 book ‘Spencer’s Mountain.’

The classic show ran for nine seasons starting in 1972, and the Waltons’ home has become etched in all of our minds as an iconic TV house. Now, viewers can take a virtual tour of the home through the use of 3D modeling.

Earl Hamner had a significant involvement in the TV series, which was based on his real-life family experiences. He was also the narrator that we loved in every episode. The historic living room of the Waltons’ home had pictures of FDR, who was the president at the time.

The fireplace goes up in a diagonal shape with two stairs leading up on both sides of it. The large kitchen table, where many scenes took place, was also featured in the virtual tour.

The Waltons had a single lightbulb hanging over the ironing board. A Tiffany-style lamp was over the table, and it was sometimes there and sometimes missing.

The front porch was a place the family gathered many times. Paul Hamner said, ‘The swing was a big attraction. It only held two people at a time, but we even entertained their friends on the front porch. We talked, we played games. In the evening, after dinner, before bed, when in summer we would all go out, sit on the porch, and listen for the night sounds.’

The tour also included John-Boy’s room with a writing desk by his window. He had a wash basin, a hide-away chest, and a twin-sized bed. The upstairs featured the girls’ room, another boys’ room, and the parents’ room. The fantastic 3D computer imaging allows us to enter the home of the Waltons once again.