Emotional reactions the moment children have their cochlear implants switched on

Sometimes you just need a feel-good story to raise your spirits. These stories are about young children who suffered from hearing loss but received miracles from cochlear implants.

Young Breanna has worn hearing aids since birth, but they didn’t help her much. The doctor checks her new cochlear implants and asks Breanna if it sounds good. Breanna responds, ‘Yes,’ and she smiles really big. Her mother asks Breanna if she can hear her voice, and Breanna says ‘Yes’ and breaks into tears.

Little Dawson is 9 months old, and he was born without the ability to hear. After being fitted with new hearing aids, he starts to scream and cry. His mother speaks, and he stops because he can hear her voice for the first time.

5-year-old Layla was born with moderately severe-profound hearing loss. Her left ear is deaf and wasn’t receiving benefits from the hearing aid. So, her parents got her a cochlear implant.

Her mother asks if she can hear the birds chirping, and she smiles and says yes multiple times in excitement. She giggles as the parents ask if she can hear the cars on the street, and she nods. She just stands there smiling in shock while laughing.

1-year-old Royce was born without hearing, and he received cochlear implants. And once they switched them on, he smiled really big. The parents laugh and smile, and Royce’s face is filled with joy.

5-year-old Randalynn was born without hearing. After receiving the implants, her father says her name, and she laughs. She looks around at everyone and smiles. She even plays ‘Connect 4’ with the doctor, and when she hears the game pieces drop in place, she waves her hands and smiles. These amazing stories truly touch the heart and inspire hope.