Police officer receives an unbelievable surprise from the students he’s helped

Officer Mitch was stunned when he got gifts and cheers from the students of Heritage High School in Brentwood, California. The students wanted to show their appreciation for all his hard work.

As the school resource officer, Mitch makes everyone feel safe. Students say he is a cool dude who wants what is best for the community and is a friend to all.

During an interview, Officer Mitch said that his two goals when becoming a cop were not to be a jerk and not to get fat. A lot of students are very thankful for his help and presence.

The surprise began when Mitch was called to the office to watch a video to help out a student in trouble. When he started watching the video, he knew he had been tricked.

Mitch held the phone and watched several students talking about how great he was. He had some tears in his eyes and didn’t expect to find even more students waiting outside the office.

They re-enacted Mitch’s favorite music video, “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Afterward, they gave him gifts which were softballs with thank-you notes and tickets to a Miami Heat game.

Students gathered and filled the air with cheers and joy. Officer Mitch was speechless as he received his gifts and was overwhelmed with the lover and gratitude.