Grandpa Runs After Car Whenever Granddaughter Leaves And Now It’s Tradition

Whenever this granddaughter leaves, her grandpa runs after the car to say goodbye. And here’s the story behind their sweet tradition.

An 89-year-old grandpa’s ‘goodbye runs’ have become a treasured family tradition. Eska Miller has been running to say goodbye to his granddaughter Haley Gomez her entire life.

And now, the sweet gesture is taking the internet by storm and making everyone cry!

Story Behind Why Grandpa Runs After Car To Say Goodbye

The tradition started when she was a babe and he was more agile. Her parents would load Haley up into the car. As they ensured she was snug as a bug and safely secured in her car seat, while Eska started to jog ahead just a few feet. 

As her parents pulled away from the house and onto the road, Haley’s grandpa would run after the car, waving, smiling, and shouting simple, yet profound words, “Goodbye, see you next time, I love you.”

Now that Haley has grown up and is well into her teenage years, she realized her grandpa’s goodbye runs after the car are a special tradition, unlike any other traditions. He began something unique that became a way of saying, “I love you.” This sweet girl realized just how special her grandfather is and began capturing these moments on video.

A Treasured Family Tradition

The first goodbye is poignant as you see Eska shuffle his feet into a run before slowing down to smile and wave. The next time grandpa runs after the car, it’s late into the evening. It’s pitch black and the world is lit up with car lights and porch lights. But Eska seems to have worn a groove in the sidewalk because the dark doesn’t stop him from running to say goodbye. 

Haley then put together all these mini moments of saying goodbye with a message of wisdom well beyond her years. She wrote, “He has done this my entire life,” she said. “This is what memories are made of. Hopefully, one day I will get to do it with my grandchildren,” she added. 

Wow! Haley, yes we all hope you get to continue this tradition with your grandbabies and you get to tell them about their great-great-grandfather. How great is the love of grandparents?