14-Year-Old Kelvin Dukes Sings Breathtaking Cover of “Valerie” on America’s Got Talent

It’s like something you’d see in the lot of Universal Studios when teenager Kelvin Dukes hits the stage. He’s dressed in a colorful sweater and blue jeans for his groovy rendition of Amy Winehouse’s hit song, “Valerie.”

A live band joins Kelvin that doubles as backup dancers for the upbeat performance. As soon as the catchy tune begins to play, the 14-year-old fills the entire stage with enough energy to power a small town.

If it isn’t his perfectly in tune vocals or the smooth sound of jazz from the band, this rendition could get anyone on their feet. Even though Kelvin is quite young, he has an undoubted maturity about him.

Throughout the song, Kelvin doesn’t hold back when it comes to his dance moves, either. With quick and slick footwork, the crowd goes wild. We can’t wait to see what Dukes does in the future, and we hope he goes far.