11-Year-Old Girl From Audience Stuns Judges With Incredible Voice And Earns Golden Buzzer

A talented 11-year-old girl who has been a lifelong fan of America’s Got Talent finally got a chance in the spotlight and blew everyone away with her powerful big voice.

Madison “Maddie” Taylor Baez, came to audition, but producers decided to spice up things and collaborated with her to pose as an audience member. During the commercial break, when the audience members are given a chance to sing she raised her hand and belted out an outstanding version of the Christian hymn, ‘Amazing Grace.’

Usually, the judges don’t think much of the voices of the audience members, but with Maddie’s voice, there was no question of ignoring it. Her voice quality, control, and range drew praise from the crowds and judges and Simon Cowell invited her for a proper audition on the stage.

This was the golden chance that the 11-year-old girl had waited for all her life as she told the judges and audience, “I’ve been to many tapings, and ever since I was 4 years old, I would always try and sing for the commercial breaks,” Maddie shared with tears streaming down her face. “And it’s always been my dream to be on the show. And I’m finally here.”

Simon encouraged the young girl to give her best shot and added that she did not need a backing track, Maddie left everyone floored with a flawless performance of ‘Amazing Grace.’ Simon said, “I’m not kidding. In all the years we’ve ever done this, this has never actually happened before,” Simon said.

He continued saying, “I mean, I normally leave during the break because people do sing. So this is actually the opposite. It actually brought me back into the room.” When Howie asked her what she’d do with the $ 1M prize money, Maddie said, “I would help my dad with cancer research. He has stage four colon cancer for the past nine years.”

When the time came to vote, the crowd started chanting, Golden Buzzer, judge Howie Mandel decided to answer the call by slamming down on it to help Maddie go straight into the live shows. “From the audience seat right to the live show. You ready?” Howie asked before the golden confetti showered down on Maddie.

Howie walked up to the stage to congratulate the young girl and then invited her dad on to the stage to celebrate, he explained the backstory of how Maddie learned to sing because of his cancer and would sing to him while he was at the hospital for his surgeries and through his chemo treatments.

“I’ve been battling cancer for the last nine years, and that’s how she learned to sing,” he shared. “She would sing to me at the hospital throughout my surgeries, throughout my chemo treatments. She’d sing to me and help me get better, and I’m doing very well.”

This emotionally-charged audition has struck a chord with Americans everywhere who are rooting for Maddie as she gets ready for the live shows.