Record holder for world’s lowest voice sings ‘Lonesome Road’

The singer of this rendition of “Lonesome Road” takes the song to a whole new (lower) level. The depth of the notes reverberating through the speakers inspires awe.

Plenty of viewers commented that they sing and used to consider themselves a bass. After hearing this man sing, they are now reconsidering that title. Being able to reach such low notes must be a combination of genetics and practice. No other explanation is available for how he can reach these superhuman notes.

One can only imagine what his voice sounds like in his own head. For many of us, our voices sound lower as we are speaking. If the same holds true for this singer, it’s probably just a low rumble in his ears.

When it comes to vocals, it is one thing to be able to achieve a particular range. For example, maybe many people can hit notes as low as they are heard in this clip. But the question is whether they can sing that well when singing the low notes. This man showcases his talent of smoothly singing throughout a range of low notes.

Viewers were also impressed with the reverberation they could feel as they listened to Tim Storms sing. One commented that she could feel it reverberate in her stomach. Another commented that it made the hair on their arms stand on end. The reactions illustrate the sheer power his voice has over listeners.

The vocal range of this singer is so low that it sometimes gets lost underneath the higher voices providing the harmonies. However, it is still possible to hear the guttural vibrations of his voice through the music.

Some commenters stated that the lowest note that is sung cannot even be heard by humans. The impressive range of his voice is a unique gift that few can boast of.