School Receptionist Belts Out Beautiful Version Of ‘At Last’ On Last Day Of School

A school receptionist at North Carolina High School makes the summer break announcement in the most beautiful way. She sings a mind-blowing rendition of “At last” on the last day of school.

As students were all packed up to leave the school for the holidays, the receptionist Regina Ballard chilled them up with a special announcement. She turned on the intercom and announced “It’s three o’clock y’all. At 3:15 it’s official.” She then started singing her summer-themed version of Etta James classic.

Her beautiful rendition “At last, summer break has come along,” ended up with the bell for the summer break! And the stunning rendition, which she posted on the internet is going viral. No doubt, she is incredibly talented. Who else want to hear more from this singing receptionist?