Dancing Baby Girl Sneaks Away From Mommy To Steal The Spotlight And Our Hearts

When the beat calls, you must answer. Dancing is one of those things that comes naturally to kids. It could be that it’s an instinctive way to respond to music, express emotions, or just do something that seems like fun.

Dance has some real benefits for kids, particularly when it comes to developing physical coordination and confidence. It also provides an opening for working on social skills, being self-aware and aware of others.

The grownups at this ballroom dance were doing some excellent moves but they weren’t the center of attention. An adorable toddler was there and while she’s still only just learning, all eyes were on her (and so was the video camera).

At first, the little girl stands in place and wobbles. This dance thing is apparently harder than it looks. So much to learn! But after a short time, she gets moving with her feet. This is progress. She pauses for a look at a pair of nearby dancers.

Naturally enough, kids learn a lot by watching adults and then imitating them. Twirling and spinning the way they do just isn’t going to happen, but that’s okay. For this little girl, just wobbling is enough to make her feel like a ballroom dance champion.

At this point, someone, perhaps her mom, comes over and tries to lead the girl off the dance floor. Nothing doing! She’s determined to stay…

In fact, she even experiments with adding some hip wobbling to her dance repertoire. All in all, she’s put in a good day on the dance floor and is justifiably proud of her performance. This littlest of ballroom dancers is all smiles while she claps and yells, “Yay!”

Don’t miss the video that’s posted below. The sheer joy and enthusiasm of this toddler will bring a smile to your face while melting your heart.