School Choir Inspires With Powerful Anti-Bullying Performance On Britain’s Got Talent

A school choir known as Class Dynamix, a mixed group of kids aged 9-11 gave an exciting performance on Britain’s Got Talent with an anti-bullying anthem that says, bullying is not cool and they strongly condemns it.

The director of the choir, Danny describes the group as a mix set of children with different levels of confidence and were excited to perform for the crowd and had come all the way from Leeds to Manchester.

It was also revealed that the group was visited by Simon , one of the judges, earlier in their school after Danny applied for them to be in the show. Simon had actually went down to their school to invite them to audition for the show.

Immediately after the introductions, the choir breaks out in to an hip hop/choir song in an upbeat, lively tune.

The kids starts to dance as they chants “B-U-Double L- Y- I-N-G,” singing that bullying is not ok and is like a poison affecting us. We are to take a stand against it and must not look other way. It does not belong anywhere and is definitely not right for anyone to bully others.

They were met with applause and cheers from the crowd as they strikes a pose at the end, taking a firm stand against bullying. Some were even in tears.

Their message against bullying was appreciated by the judges and one of the judges said that every child in the world should be singing the song. Their brilliant performance with their catchy song against bullying was complimented by all the judges. Much to their excitement and joy.

We are called to love one another in the Bible. Bullying is not what God wants. He wants us to be like Him, in that we love and be kind to all just as He has.