Little Girl’s Hilarious Reaction When She Finds She Is Getting A Baby Brother!

She is not at all happy with her”blue bow” and fell into the floor in tears knowing her new sibling would be a boy! 4 year old Vivian Hagmaier was told by her parents that she would get a pink bow if her mom is expecting a girl and a blue bow if it’s a boy! She was really expecting a baby girl and kept saying “If I have a brother I’ll cry forever”.

The adorable video shows that, she was falling to the floor in loud cry and ripping off the bow out of her head! Opening her eyes to the blue, she was highly disappointed and kept on crying for 30 minutes!

The news was broken on November and the new baby is expected on April!  Thank God, now the little one has collected some beautiful gifts from Santa for her  brother and waiting to welcome the boy! Vivian’s mom, Teresa Hagmaier wanted to record it to see the reactions of her daughter and sharing this cuteness with all of us!