Samantha turns a cat into a beautiful model with hilarious results on Bewitched

‘Bewitched’ is a classic TV show that ran for many seasons from 1964 to 1972. One of the funniest episodes involved Darrin, played by Dick York, requiring a model for his new campaign.

Samantha, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, decides to use her witch powers to turn a Siamese cat she just found into an attractive woman. It begins with Samantha relaxing when a cat shows up on her chair.

The neighbor, Ms. Kravitz, walks out and says she’s missing her bird after Samantha asks her if she was missing her cat. They both look at the cat in wonder. Then, Samantha finds Tweety, who appears and flies back into the cage. Ms. Kravitz is happy and walks away.

Darrin is panicking because he must find the perfect model for his new campaign tomorrow. Samantha says, ‘I wish I could help you.’ Darrin pauses and then refuses any help from his wife, the witch. He leaves in a frantic rush.

Samantha runs back to the cat and says, ‘You’re exotic looking, and you’re from the East.’ She asks if the cat would want to be a cover girl. Then, Darrin and Wally are thinking and struggling about who to choose for their model when a woman walks in with an oversized fur coat.

She says, ‘Good afternoon, gentlemen. My name is Ling Ling.’ She tells them she doesn’t have experience and asks the men if they’d be interested. They all think she is perfect for the job.

While Samantha vowed to lead the life of the typical suburban housewife, she just couldn’t help but perform a few tricks to help her husband. There was always comedic mischief that happened on this beloved TV series.