Dad Gives Hilarious Tutorial Teaching Toddler To Sing

“How to Dad,” and New Zealand sensation, Jordan Watson is back with a new tongue-in-cheek instructional video. This video co-stars his adorable 2-year-old daughter, who once again steals the show. Dad sets out to teach his daughter how to sing, and hilarity ensues as she is able to hit all the notes and nail all the genres. She’s a real show stopper, with her lovable toe head curls, on-screen chemistry, and stellar personality.

Jordan Watson, created “How to Dad,” on a fluke when a few years back he made a satirical instructional video that went viral. The video was meant for a friend of the family who was about to have their first child. After posting the video to Facebook one night, he woke up the next day to find the video a huge hit across the globe, racking up thousands of views.