Little Girl Can’t Escape “Attacker” In Karate Class – Then, Tiny Hero Sprints To Her Rescue

Everyone occasionally finds themselves situations where they’re in a little over their heads. And there is nothing wrong with a little help from a friend when someone finds themselves in such a position.

Thankfully for one young karate practitioner, a pint-sized classmate realized she needed help and did not hesitate to come to her rescue.

The video of the incident was posted online. In the video, the little girl is sparring with her coach. The coach is playing the role of the attacker.

Parents who were observing the practice session can be heard telling the little girl to kick and fight off the ‘attacker.’ Two classmates watched the action closely and cheered the little girl on.

The little girl finds herself unable to free herself from the grasp of her coach. She is a good sport and was able to maintain a smile throughout the ordeal. But the one time it looked like she would get away from the ‘attacker,’ he was able to grab and gain control of her again.

Without warning, a tiny hero steps into the frame.

The little girl was resigned to defeat when a little boy approached the coach. He was wearing boxing gloves and headgear. It was obvious from his body language he was prepared for a fight.

Just as quickly as he entered the melee, the little boy punched the coach who ‘attacked’ his friend.

All coaches, parents, and kids in the gym erupted with laughter. The little boy ran to rejoin the other students after throwing the punch. He turned to look at the coach to let him know he was still watching him.

The video has garnered a lot of attention and the little boy was praised by many commenters. Take a look at the video below to see why!