American Idol’s Julia Gargano Sings Heartwarming Tribute To Her Mom

Julia Gargano is an American Idol who the world immediately fell in love with, and her powerful husky voice couldn’t be better suited to another track than this epic rendition of “Sweetest Devotion” from Adele.

American Idol season eighteen finalist Julia Gargano sings the Adele hit “Sweetest Devotion” in celebration of mother’s day with her very own mother looking on, singing along proudly in the background.

Distance detracts nothing from this heartfelt show with the intimacy of home, allowing even more emotion to be poured into an already powerful devotional performance to moms all around the world.

The celebration song couldn’t have hit home harder, bringing Julia’s mom to tears, and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make you teary-eyed as well. What a moving at-home cover.