‘Canine Stars’ take over America’s Got Talent with crowd-pleasing performance

America’s Got Talent’s dog judges are back! Canine Stars opened with another skit from the dogs playing the show’s judges using their actual voices. It was charming when they did it in the auditions, and it worked in the live show as well.

They even managed to work in dogs playing poker and a neuter joke you might have missed.

Like the auditions, and, for that matter, Hamlet, part of the performance consisted of a show-within-show. The dog judges watched the performances of other dog acts, although they refrained from passing judgment on them.

Those acts hit the mark in their own right. Trainers strutted out with a high-fashion dalmatian, followed by high energy acrobatics from a pair of border collies and a spaniel adept at leaping and catching plates.

Dog after the talented dog came on stage and performed to high-energy music, earning cheers from the audience and thunderous applause.

In Canine Star fashion, they cut back to the judges—the dog judges. They focused more on dog poker than on the act, but that may have been for the best as far as the real judges were concerned.

All the judges seemed impressed with the combination of doggy antics and the judge-impersonation skit, but none more so than Heidi Klum. She gave them Golden Buzzer.

“We’re being replaced by the dogs,” she said.

The group describes themselves as a team of dogs and their people who travel around, showing people how to “be [in] really good relationships with their dogs and promote pet adoptions.”

Dogs Bow Wowie Mandel, Heidi, Simon Howl, and Sophia earned real boy Howie’s praise for their performance.

“This is the best animal act I have seen on this show,” he said.