Born blind singer touches hearts with ‘Angel’ performance on CGT

‘Canada’s Got Talent’ brings us another stellar performance from a female vocalist. Simone Soman lifts her voice to sing while overcoming blindness. She has removed every obstacle, and she proudly sits on stage at CGT.

Simone was blind in both eyes since birth. She says, ‘Blindness is something that I’ve learned to live with, and I embrace it.’ She has taken a break from performing to raise her two children with her fiancé Rick.

Now that the kids are in school, Simone wants to return to something she loves. Her goal is to inspire her own children and show them what perseverance looks like. Simone says, ‘With this performance, I really want to make my kids proud!’

The judges ask her, ‘What reaction are you hoping for tonight?’ Simone replies, ‘Umm, a standing ovation!’ The crowd cheers her on, and she begins to play the song’s introduction.

Simone plays a grand piano while singing soulfully, wearing sunglasses while seated. She performs Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ in an emotional moment on CGT. Her voice has power and range, which impresses the judges and the audience.

‘Angel’ is a song written by Canadian Sarah McLachlan. The piece appeared on her fourth album, titled ‘Surfacing’ in 1997. The lyrics center around the joy of knowing someone is in a better place and free from the struggles they face in life.

It was fitting that the audience and judges stood to their feet in an ovation for this inspirational performance. Simone says, ‘I love it, thank you!’ to all the fans and judges. It is a wonderful audition that will warm your heart!