Women sing jawdropping duet of traditional Irish song “Eleanor na Run”

The traditional music of the Irish is mesmerizing and beautiful to listen to. You can almost picture the rolling green hills of the Emerald Isle as you let the melody wash over you.

This romantic ballad is entitled “Eleanor na Run,” which translates to Eleanor my secret. It is the musical love letter of a man enamored by the Irish girl he loves.

He speaks of how he loves her and all of her breathtaking traits. The song is sung by Scottish singer Linda Nic Leoid and Irish singer Niamh Farrell.

Linda and Niamh’s soft, lovely voices are a sweet tribute to this song of love and devotion. The background music of the guitar and accordion complement the ladies’ harmonious singing.

Eleanor must have been a special woman to have such a moving song written about her. Linda and Niamh each sing a verse and then combine their voices for the chorus.

Individually, their talents are enough to take your breath away, but together they are astounding. You’ll want to put this song on repeat to experience it over and over again.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Celtic music with this incredible performance of “Eleanor na Run.” Share it with the one you love as a romantic gift they won’t forget.