Bob Zany cracks up the audience with his stand-up routine

Bob Zany is one of the funniest comedians you could watch, and he gets a lot of his laughs from his sarcasm. The audience cracks up at his first stand-up routine for the ‘Dry-Bar Comedy Special,’ and you will too!

Bob starts by saying that he’s so excited to be here that he took a rental car. ‘Unlimited miles!’ he proclaims. He leans down, looks at an audience member, and says, ‘That’s where they don’t charge you for all the miles,’ as if he needed to explain it to him.

Later in the show, Bob leans down to the same audience guy he’s referenced multiple times already and asks his name. The man responds, ‘Jason’ Bob gives him a hand and says he’s been great tonight. Bob tells him, ‘You’re a good guy. You know why Jason. You never gave me the look like, I got a gun out in the truck! I’ve done those shows, Shreveport, Louisiana.’

Bob says a man in the audience asked if he was a Yankee, and he said he was born in Los Angeles, so he told the man, ‘Well, no. I guess I’m a Mexican.’ Later, he asks if anyone has been to Sarasota, Florida. He talks about his fans in Florida who are an average age of about 95, and they always ask him when he’ll be back. He says, ‘Are you sure you’ll be around?’

Bob has a goodwill box that he found, and he thought it had some funny stuff in it. First, he pulls out a hand weight that helps you burn calories. He said, ‘I weighed myself with it on, and then I took it off, and I lost 5 pounds like that!’

He pulls out the next item, which is a Winnie the Pooh book called ‘What Pooh Can Do.’ Bob says he won’t open that because we all know what’s inside. Bob brings out the big item, a framed CD of rapper 50 Cent’s album, and says, ‘You can’t make this stuff up.’ He flips the frame around, and the price tag reads ’50 cents.’

Bob Zany’s sarcastic comedy and audience interaction make the stand-up routine an absolute delight! At the end of the show, Bob says, ‘I should get going cause I don’t want to be here.’