AGT Golden Buzzer acts that tugs at our heartstrings

Despite his hard exterior, Simon Cowell is a highly caring person. He and Terry Crews recently discussed the Best Golden Buzzers of all time. He was really emotional when he had this really heartfelt conversation with Terry.

Simon spoke about how he felt about the participants who won the hearts of millions worldwide when they performed on the recent AGT episodes. It was like a countdown for the Best Golden Buzzer moment. Simon and Terry spoke about Kodi Lee’s incredible audition, which they placed at No 3.

Kodi was a very special contestant for them. Simon told Terry that he knew Kodi was distracted as there was a lot of energy in the room. He thought he would be affected by it and unable to perform.

However, everyone was shocked when he started to perform on the piano and hit the first note. Terry said, “When he opened his mouth, we were transfixed. It was watching a miracle live.” Simon added, “It was magic. I had goosebumps.” Terry told Simon, “This was one of the best moments of his entire life.”

The second contestant on Simon’s list of Favorite Golden Buzzer moments was the cute Darcy Lynne, who performed the ventriloquist act with her bunny Petunia. The talented singer impressed all the judges with her fantastic performance. Simon told Terry, “Her singing voice is incredible.”

Finally, the number 1 Golden Buzzer moment on Simon’s list was when Nightbirde performed on AGT. Simon told Terry Crews, “There was something really special about Jane. I adored her.”

Jane performed an original song, “It’s ok,” which was the story about her life. Simon told Terry, “The special thing about Jane was she was always optimistic.” Both were very emotional when they saw Jane (Nightbirde) perform on stage. Simon felt that the whole performance typified what the Golden Buzzer was all about.