The Voice Kids finals heat up when young Frank Sinatra singer nails ‘My Way’

Viewers of The Voice Kids in Germany may remember Benjamin. He’s the 15-year-old boy who sang a beautiful version of Frank Sinatra’s Strangers In The Night. His singing instantly won over the judges.

Well, Benjamin is back for the finals. He once more taps Frank Sinatra for more smooth lyrics. This time he’s chosen to perform My Way.

Benjamin starts singing the first few somber lyrics on an orange set of chandeliers. The judges are captivated, nearly driven to tears. And we’re only 40 seconds into the song.

As the music kicks in and his voice rises, so do the judges. One judge seems to be grooving on the song. He starts standing up, clapping along, and making perfect gestures with his hands.

With the pianos and drums going, Benjamin perfectly syncs with the song. He finds the perfect pitch for his intensely smooth voice and the right notes to hit.

The finale arrives, and he does not disappoint. His long close of the final lyrics is so powerful and beautiful. The judges and audiences cheer for him with ease.

After some talk about the set design details, the judges give their verdict. Judging by Benjamin’s expression of glee, he succeeded with flying colors.

There will be plenty of talent that graces the stage of The Voice Kids. But Benjamin has set the bar incredibly high for any who wants to try their hand at Frank Sinatra.

Sure, a teenager with a voice and cadence may be closer to Sinatra. But for Benjamin, he took these iconic songs and did it his way, making them his own in an astounding performance.